Our Services for Buyers

We will design a search just for you

We will be strategic and search based on your needs so you can see homes that are a good fit for you. We will preview homes to find the best houses to tour. You will see homes as they come on the market while your search will fit to your schedule. We know the inventory of homes and will network with other great Realtors to hear about houses before they hit the market. We will help you see a greater number of homes that are relevant to your needs saving you time and energy.

We know about current market pricing We will help you determine if a house is priced correctly and help you from over-paying for your new home. We can also help you spot a bargain. We know about current market conditions and will negotiate tenaciously on your behalf, using the best strategy when writing your offer. We are experienced in successfully maneuvering through multiple offer situations.

We make sure you are connected with great loan officers who know about all the latest and best loan programs

Having a great loan officer is critical to the successful purchase of your home. It is critical to the successful purchase of you home. Great loan officers keep you prepared for the process and make sure that closings happen on time. They will also help you take the advantage of the best programs that you qualify for.

We help write the winning offer

Once you have found the right home, we will help you determine the best strategy for your offer, and write the purchase agreement. We present the offer to the sellers and their agent(s) in a professional and courteous way. We are experienced at negotiation and eliminating any problems that may arise. We also can offer recommendations for home inspectors and assist in coordinating with this process.

We will remain a resource for you long after closing

We stay in touch with our clients and remain available to answer questions long after the purchase process. We really care about our clients and strive to provide the best possible service now and in your future moves.

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